Complex solution by one producer!

We are a traditional, innovative and purely Czech manufacturer of electronic devices and we have been your partner in the field of electro-installations for 23 years. Thanks to the many years of experience and our market activities we are able to say that we have become specialist in the field of odular electronic devices - relays, which we produce more than 200 types.

Own production, advanced equipments, R & D center - all this allows us to lead the development of the most coveted technology today, the clever system of electro-installation INELS. We develop and manufacture products that save energy. INELS system is an integral part of passive and low-energy houses.

Product development is also inextricably linked with the development of commerce and vice versa, if it was not for sale - not the product. YoY increase in sales and business development networks are proof of that. We were always close to our customers - whether with technical support and a well-stocked stock, you will find our offices in 8 European and 2 Asian countries. In addition, we have reliable customers in more than 66 countries and more are constantly being added as an increasing demand for our products. Our products can be found under the world-renowned brands (Schneider Electric, EATON, HAGER, Siemens, NIEAF SMITT).

Izvor: www.elkoep.com

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